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Sondors - MadMods - Retro

Sondors - MadMods - Retro

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Instantly Iconic: SONDORS Madmods

The nostalgic familiarity catches your eye, while a closer look reveals something you've never seen before. SONDORS MadMods is anything but typical.

MadMods are instantly legendary, undeniably SONDORS --- inspired by our California roots and developed by our epic team of industry leaders in electric mobility, design and engineering.

This naturally gives this iconic moto-inspired electric bike a stoic stance and engineering bragging rights. Not your typical twists of welded pipes, MadMods are in a superior design class all their own.

Throw your leg around a MadMods and you'll quickly understand why we've all gone Mad!

Choose your Madness from one of three iconic motorcycle inspired MadMods visions --- Cafe, Retro or Scrambler



  • Weight: 113 lb
  • Height: 34 in
  • Length:
  • Suggested Rider Height: Medium (Regular) 5'7" - 5'11"

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