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40 Below Joe

40 Below

40 Below

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40 Below Joe Beaded Coffee offers an innovative and exciting way to enjoy your favorite coffee beverage. Inspired by the cryogenic freezing technique used to create Dippin' Dots ice cream, 40 Below Joe presents coffee and coffee creamer in the form of frozen beads. The product is crafted by selecting high-quality coffee beans, brewing them to perfection, and then freezing the coffee into beaded form to capture its purest flavor.

With 40 Below Joe, you can enjoy the freshness of coffee in minutes, whenever you want. No need for waste, grounds, filters, or expensive coffee machines. Conveniently available in single-serve pouches and mid-sized grocery bags, this unique coffee experience is perfect for coffee lovers seeking a fun and flavorful twist to their daily cup of Joe.

At 40° Below Joe®, we brew fresh coffee from the highest quality Arabica beans, and then we cryogenically freeze it (at -320° F) at its freshest point while keeping all of the original moisture content intact. The very small, tight ice crystal lattice created at these ultra-cold temperatures, along with the fact that the processing and freezing are done in a nitrogen rich, oxygen poor environment, helps capture the flavor and essence of our coffee at its freshest point. All of the aroma and flavor you love is suspended in time until you choose to bring it back to life, one cup at a time. No waste, no grounds, no filters, and no expensive coffee machines.

fruit + whey + beads
contains all natural protein, vitamins and minerals

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