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Fender - Velotric - Summit 1

Fender - Velotric - Summit 1

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Velotric Summit 1 Fender

This fender is specially designed by our team for the Summit 1 e-bike. It has been meticulously designed and tested to perfectly fit the Summit 1 e-bike, ensuring it can help you cope with harsh weather conditions at any time.


Features: Durability: Made from strong materials to endure harsh weather. ; Lightweight: Doesn't affect bike's efficiency or battery life.; Protection: Guards against mud and debris, keeping the rider and e-bike clean.

Main material: Aluminum Alloy

Size: 840mm×427mm×75mm

Compatible with Velotric Summit 1



  • Weight:
  • Height:
  • Length:
  • Suggested Rider Height:

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