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Grips - Bucklos

Grips - Bucklos

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【High Quality Rubber】BUCKLOS bike grips handlebar are made of soft and durable rubber, keep your hand feel comfortable and no pressure on a long ride.

【Anti-Slip Grips】BUCKLOS bicycle handlebar grips adopts single lock on and ridged turbine surface design.Ensure greater stability and safety during use to prevent slipping and can provide a firm grip even in rainy days.

【Easy to Install】Aluminum alloy locking ring, easy to install and disassemble, reducing your preparation time before riding and making you more comfortable and enjoyable.

【Suitable for Most Handlebars】BUCKLOS bike handle grips length 133 mm, Inner Diameter 22.2mm and are suitable for bike handlebars with outer diameter between 22-23 mm, compatible with various terrains and bicycles, such as BMX, MTB, beach cruiser, scooter, folding, downhill,etc.

【Ergonomic Bike Grips】The BUCKLOS bike grip conforms to ergonomic design, providing good wrist support and reducing the risk of hand injury. It can ride comfortably even in rainy, rugged mountainous areas and other environments



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