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Himiway - Cobra D7 Pro

Himiway - Cobra D7 Pro

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  • D7 Pro: Estimated Shipping Date is February 15
  • Revolutionize Your Ride in Tampa Bay with the Himiway Cobra Pro! The 2024 edition is here, bringing a new era of e-biking with its cutting-edge mid-drive motor and unparalleled balance. Perfect for adventurers and commuters in Tampa's diverse landscapes.

    Experience the Power of Innovation:

    • High-End Mid-Drive Motor: Enjoy fast acceleration, exceptional gradeability, and a longer lifespan. This motor ensures a perfect balance, not compromising the bike's superior vibration absorption.
    • 1300W Peak Motor Power: Conquer Tampa Bay's most rugged terrains with ease. Whether it's sandy beaches or urban hills, the Cobra Pro is unstoppable.
    • 160Nm Torque Sensor: Get massive torque for powering up steep inclines or accelerating from a stop. This sensor provides a responsive and dynamic riding experience.
    • 1000W Motor Power: The heart of the Cobra Pro, offering sustainable power and reliability on every journey.

    Smart Riding Technology:

    • Power-Off Brake Lever: When changing speed or tackling hills, simply tap the brake lever to turn off the motor. This feature ensures a smooth transition and protects the Kmc chain from breaking.
    • Single-Time Gear Adjustment: After powering off, easily adjust your gear to match the road conditions, then release the brake to re-engage the motor seamlessly.

    Why the Himiway Cobra Pro?

    • Advanced Motor Technology: Perfect for the adventurous terrains of Tampa Bay.
    • Power and Control: Experience a ride that's both exhilarating and safe.
    • Eco-Friendly Adventure: Embrace powerful, sustainable travel across Florida's stunning landscapes.

    Ready to Take on Tampa Bay? The 2024 Himiway Cobra D7 Pro is not just an eBike; it's a symbol of power, precision, and eco-friendly innovation. Join the eBiking revolution with the Cobra Pro and redefine your travel experience!



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