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LCD Display For Himiway / Velotric

LCD Display For Himiway / Velotric

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KD718 Color LCD Display for Himiway, Velotric, Lectric, KBO, and Many Other Ebikes

Updated Key  Display model KD718 specifically configured for use with the Himiway Cruisers and Escape, Himiway Zebra, Himiway Cobra, Himiway Big Dog, KBO Breeze, KBO Ranger, KBO Tornado, Snapcycle S1/R1, Magicycle, Polarna M4/M6, ENGWE, ADDMOTOR, SDREAM, MATE, Lectric, Gotrax, Velotric, and many others.  Himiway/KBO displays now include a clock feature and the new updated version with updated home screen, easier to use settings menus, and detachable cable and remote. See what Citizen Cycle says about our display:  Easy to operate interface.  Easy installation.   Allows easy access to various parameter settings including wheel size,  speed limit, battery voltage, power assist parameters, etc.  The max speed limit setting on most is 56 mph.  Some versions have speed limits of 25 or 28 mph. Results vary depending on ebike components.  There may or may not be a performance improvement.  The max current limit setting for most is 25 amps.  Some displays have lower current limit settings.  The displays do not dim when the lights are turned on.  Up to 9 pedal assist levels.  Includes USB port for phone charging, etc.  Power-on password option.  Results vary  depending on ebike components.  All units are tested on an actual bike  prior to shipment.  Please specify make and model of bike when  ordering as we are not responsible if display is ordered for the wrong bike.  May work on other ebikes but purchase is at  your own risk.  Contact us first if you have a bike not listed.  Note that the remote is a 4 button remote and that the  “+” button on the remote is used to turn on and off the lights.   Shipping, handling, and tax included to continental U.S.A. only.  Choose additional international shipping fee from options if shipping to country other than U.S.A. Additional import fees may apply to international purchasers that are not included in the international shipping fee and are the responsibility of the purchaser. 6 month warranty.   FOR HIMIWAY CRUISER/CRUISER ST PLEASE LOOK AT THE BACK OF YOUR DISPLAY AND CHOOSE THE OPTION THAT MATCHES THE 5 MIDDLE NUMBERS ON YOUR STOCK DISPLAY.  Some displays may have different graphics.

US and EU Mode switching now available.  US mode switching allows for mode switching between 4 MPH throttle and 20 MPH PAS speed limit mode (ECO), 4 MPH throttle and 28 MPH PAS speed limit mode (STD), and unlimited throttle and PAS mode (PER or max speed limit mode).  EU mode switching allows for mode switching between 6 Km/h throttle and 25 Km/h PAS speed limit mode (ECO) and unlimited throttle and PAS mode (STD or max speed limit mode).   On some bikes throttle will have same speed limit as PAS, ie., 20 MPH or 28 MPH for US bikes, 25 Km/h for EU bikes. Mode switching is by pressing the "i"  button on the remote.  Mode switching only available for certain make/model bikes at this time.   Mode switching has preset speed limits that cannot be overridden in the settings menu.  Max speed limit mode is generally for off road use only.  Other modes may or may not be compliant with laws in your area and we make no representation regarding compliance.



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