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LCD Display For Bafang

LCD Display For Bafang

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KD986 Display For Bafang M/G Series, CANBUS, With Bluetooth

 Color Display for Bafang Based Ebikes using the Bafang M/G Series Mid-Drive Motors such as Himiway Cobra Pro, Sondors Rockstar and Cruiser, and many others.  CANBUS protocol and connector.  Will work on all Bafang M series motors using CANBUS. This display allows for up to 9 pedal assist levels and bluetooth connection to the Key-Disp App to control your bike through your phone.  App allows for light function, pedal assist level adjustment, navigation, positioning, and info/diagnostics through your cell phone.  All other functionality through the display is maintained.  Due to most of the control being in the controller, there is no performance improvement from your original display and there is no ability to adjust PAS ratios.  Four button remote includes power, up, down, and info buttons.  If you have questions regarding compatibility, please contact us.



  • Weight: 2 lb
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