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MIK Adapter Plate

MIK Adapter Plate

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Integrate your bike baskets with ease thanks to the MIK Adapter Plate. With a simple click, attach all types of items onto any MIK system or carrier plate-equipped bike frame in just one second. Versatile and compatible with most luggage racks, this pre-assembled plate is perfect for all your biking needs.


Thanks to this pre-assembled adapter plate, you can easily click your bicycle baskets into place on your bike frame at the luggage carrier with any frame that bears an integrated MIK system or MIK carrier plate. The MIK adapter plate allows you to attach and carry all manner of items with a mounting process that can take as little as a single second. The MIK system fits almost any luggage rack. The MIK Adapter Plate is designed for use with carrier racks with the MIK system already integrated. If you do not have a bike or e-bike with an integrated system, you can use the MIK carrier plate instead, which is easily mounted onto your luggage carrier.



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