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Stromer - ST1 Sport

Stromer - ST1 Sport

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Stromer ST1 Sport Electric Bike - Exclusively at Tampa Bay eBikes

Medium frame size is recommended for a rider height up to 5.8'

Large frame size is recommended for a rider height up to 6.2'

The Pinnacle of Urban Cycling

Discover the Stromer ST1 Sport at Tampa Bay eBikes, where performance meets sleek design. This eBike is engineered for the urban cyclist who seeks the ultimate blend of speed, efficiency, and advanced technology. With the ST1 Sport, navigate the urban jungle with ease and style, thanks to its powerful Stromer CYRO Drive II motor and cutting-edge connectivity features. Available in an array of sophisticated colors, the ST1 Sport is your statement of mobility freedom and innovation.

Technical Specifications

  • Motor: Experience the thrill of the Stromer CYRO Drive II motor, boasting 670 W output and 35 Nm of torque. This powerhouse motor ensures that you’re equipped for both the bustling city streets and serene paths, reaching speeds up to 28 mph (US Class 3).

  • Battery and Charging: Equipped with the high-capacity BQ500 battery, offering 48 V and 500 Wh, the ST1 Sport promises up to 55 miles on a single charge. With the Stromer CR246 charger, achieve a full recharge in just 3 hours and 40 minutes, ensuring your eBike is always ready for your next adventure.

  • Connectivity: The OMNI C display and interface bring your ride into the digital age with mobile connection, Bluetooth, and comprehensive app support. Enjoy features like keyless entry, smartlock, GPS positioning, and over-the-air updates, all designed to enhance your cycling experience.

  • Design and Components:

    • Colors: Choose from Dark Grey, Light Grey, and Deep Petrol, allowing you to express your personal style.
    • Frame: Crafted from lightweight aluminium, available in Sport and Comfort sizes to suit every rider.
    • Comfort: Ergon GP10 grips and an Ergon ST10 saddle provide unmatched comfort for long rides.
    • Safety and Convenience: Features such as the Stromer Daylight, Roxim Z4 Elite headlights, and Roxim R3E rear light with brake light ensure your visibility and safety at all times.
  • Performance Components:

    • Tires: Custom Stromer Custom TA754 by Vee Tire, 54 x 584, for optimal traction and durability.
    • Brakes: Stromer HD922 by Tektro, with 2 pistons at both the front and rear, accompanied by 203 mm brake discs, offering superior stopping power.
    • Shifting System: A seamless 9-Speed 11-42 by Microshift system, ensuring smooth transitions and a versatile riding experience.

Your Exclusive Ride Awaits

The Stromer ST1 Sport, offered exclusively by Tampa Bay eBikes, sets the standard for modern eBiking. With its blend of high-performance specifications and sophisticated design, this eBike is not just a mode of transport; it's a lifestyle choice. Step into the future of urban mobility with Tampa Bay eBikes and experience the city like never before.

Visit our Shopify page today to explore the Stromer ST1 Sport and redefine your urban cycling experience with Tampa Bay eBikes.



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