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Stromer - ST7

Stromer - ST7

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Stromer ST7 eBike – The Future of Urban Mobility Unleashed

Introducing the revolutionary Stromer ST7 at Tampa Bay eBikes, where superior engineering meets unparalleled luxury. The ST7 is designed for the discerning cyclist who demands the very best in power, performance, and prestige. This high-performance eBike sets a new standard in the category, combining state-of-the-art technology with exquisite craftsmanship.

Product Highlights:

  • Exceptional Power with SYNO Drive S Motor: Experience unmatched propulsion with the SYNO Drive S motor, delivering a commanding 750 watts and 52 Nm of torque. This motor ensures you power through your daily commute or weekend adventure with ease and style.

  • Pinion C1.12 Gearbox and Gates Carbon Drive: The integration of the Pinion C1.12 gearbox paired with a Gates Carbon Drive provides a smooth, quiet, and maintenance-free riding experience. This setup offers precise shifting and unparalleled durability for consistent performance in any conditions.

  • Premium Connectivity: Equipped with the OMNI Interface C, the ST7 allows seamless integration with your digital life. Manage your settings, lock your bike remotely, and monitor your riding data through an intuitive touchscreen interface directly on your eBike.

  • Advanced Suspension Technology: The ST7 features high-end suspension from Formula, providing exceptional comfort and control. This sophisticated suspension system adapts to varied terrains, ensuring a plush ride whether on city streets or rural paths.

  • Ultra-Modern Design: With a frame and components finished in high-grade materials and a sleek, futuristic aesthetic, the ST7 stands out as a symbol of modern mobility. Its integrated design, including concealed cables and battery, emphasizes clean lines and sophisticated form.

  • Safety and Security Features: Enhanced safety features such as superior hydraulic disc brakes, integrated daytime running lights, and Pirelli tires designed for optimum traction keep you safe during your rides.

Discover the epitome of eBike innovation with the Stromer ST7 at Tampa Bay eBikes. Whether you are commuting, cruising, or exploring, the ST7 delivers an elite riding experience. Visit us to see why the ST7 is more than just an eBike—it’s a movement.



  • Weight: 72 lb
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  • Length:
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