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Comfort in Elegance


A beautiful combination of premium components and a slick frame. A must-have for smoothing out your daily errands in a stylish and effortless way.

  • Gates Carbon Belt Drive
  • Enviolo Stepless Shifting Hub
  • 80 Nm Mid-drive Motor
  • 504 Wh Portable Battery
  • Integrated Torque Sensor
  • Hydraulic Lockout Fork
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes
One size for riders of 5'3" ~ 6'5''

Gates Carbon Belt Drive
Enviolo Stepless Shifting Hub
80 Nm Mid-drive Motor
Streamlined Design

Premium urban comfort,
Elegance on two wheels.
A beautiful combination of premium components and a slick frame, suitable for all urban road surfaces. A must-have for smoothing out your daily errands in a stylish and effortless way.
Tailored, comfortable ride
Streamlined, timeless style

Craftsmanship at its finest
Signature design. Premium detail.

Seamless battery integration - streamlined fit, perfect color matching

Fully integrated rea carrier - Robust, stylish and stable carrying power

Fine finshing throughout - Clean lines and attention to every detail


Meet the all-new Jungle Green color

Shine in the Urban Jungle

A fresh color that leaves a lasting impression. Car-grade paint coating that’s sure to turn heads.

Your City. Your Dance Floor.

Experience Magic on Two Wheels

Fall in love with two-wheeled exploration that reframes your city. Give familiar streets new meaning.


An Easier Ride

A Relaxed Life 

Absolute dependability, with minimal fuss. No chain twisting, no oily hands – just pure, constant cycling pleasure.
0 maintenance required
Completely Silent | Super Lightweight

Enviolo Internal Gear Hub
seamless shifting
Gear shifting as smooth and easy as turning a radio knob, with an intuitive indicator just at your fingertips.
100% - 310% gear ratio range
Silent Shifting | Maintenance-free

Mid-drive Motor
An empowering
Powerful delivery matched with super responsive controls, the Bafang M420 mid-drive motor delivers a smooth, natural, and intuitive ride.
80 Nm max. torque
Integrated Torque Sensor | Urban Optimized

Portable Battery
A sleek, seamlessly integrated portable battery, delivering 62mi maximum range.
504 Wh
Seamlessly Integrated | Large Capacity

Elegance is in the Details

Designed to perfectly balance outstanding performance ultimate comfort, and timeless style. Explore as never before with AGO T.


Seamless Integration Design

No wires or bulky components in sight, just clean lines and sophisticated principles of design.

Integrated Rear Carrier

Carry your essentials with ease using our integrated rack, compatible with multiple panniers.

Enviolo Internal Gear Hub

Effortless gear shifting, allowing you to simply enjoy the ride.

Integrated Front and rear lights

Beautifully incorporated lighting, bringing the illumination and enhanced visibility you need, any time of day.

Gates Carbon Belt

No chain, no hassle. Just pure cycling pleasure.

Selle Royal Saddle

World-renowned ergonomic comfort, for your ultimate cycling pleasure.

Lockout Fork

Adjustable front suspension compression, for full adaptability to your surroundings.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Secure and reliable stopping power, your dependable partner for all urban cycling scenarios.

Integrated Torque Sensor

Fine-tuned technology, responsive to your every pedal stroke for a natural, intuitive, and smooth riding experience.

TFT LCD Color Display

Easy-to-view, intuitive information at a finger’s touch.

M420 Mid-drive Motor

Power and responsiveness perfectly combined. This premium mid-motor tackles urban riding’s ups and downs with ease.

504 Wh Portable Battery

Superb range up to 62 miles, in a convenient and beautifully integrated package.

Ride Smart.

Ride Connected.

Connect with the TENWAYS App to record your rides in real time and track your stats.

Cast directions straight to the integrated LCD display for seamless navigation.

Communicate with our team directly through the integrated help center.



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