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Universal Adjustable Stem Face Plate Accessory Mount

Universal Adjustable Stem Face Plate Accessory Mount

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Meet your eBike's new best friend - The Universal Adjustable Stem Face Plate Accessory Mount, brought to you by Tampa Bay eBikes. This innovative, 3D printed product is all set to revolutionize your riding experience by freeing up valuable handlebar space while securely housing your essential accessories.

Engineered with precision, our stem face plate mount is compatible with adjustable stem bolt mounting, fitting perfectly on a 28.6 mm size. Its versatility enables easy mounting of various accessories right where you need them the most, enhancing your eBiking adventure by keeping essential items within arm's reach.

The standout feature of our accessory mount is the use of Carbon Fiber filament in the 3D printing process. Carbon fiber imparts strength, toughness, and lightweight characteristics to the mount, making it resilient enough to handle the rigors of everyday cycling. This material choice ensures a lightweight yet robust attachment point that won't compromise your ride.

Included in your purchase is the extended-length hardware, purposefully designed to facilitate easy installation. With this, you can be ready to hit the road in no time!

Please note that the stem, faceplate, and accessory are sold separately. This listing is solely for the Universal Stem Face Plate Accessory Mount.

Experience the convenience and added functionality that our Universal Stem Face Plate Accessory Mount brings to your eBike. Enjoy secure, clutter-free rides with this indispensable addition from Tampa Bay eBikes!



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